We recognise the importance of wildlife and beneficial insects which is why we encourage the inclusion of as many companion plants and wildlife-friendly garden features as possible.

Pests and diseases are not best controlled by chemical means, but instead by attracting beneficial insects and animals into the garden. These gardening allies will happily set about reducing the number of pests and restoring a natural equilibrium to your garden. This will not only help you and your garden, but you will be providing a refuge for vulnerable beneficial insects and wildlife that will in turn go on to pollinate, protect and benefit the gardens of both you and your neighbours.

Even if you are already happy with your garden, you might wonder about further ways in which you can encourage birds and beneficial insects into your green space. Beorn Wilde is here to help!

We will assess the space and determine just how bio-diverse your garden currently is, as well as conducting a comprehensive soil test and site analysis followed by a biodiversity report filled with a multitude of ideas on how you can increase your garden biodiversity. You can use the report to implement your own changes, or Beorn Wilde can provide a further service where we source and implement all the ideas listed, until your garden is teeming with wildlife.

Bird flying out of nest box