Garden Maintenance

If you are looking for a garden maintenance services from a gardening company that cares, look no further.

We treat each garden we maintain as if it were our own, and we are constantly working to expand the knowledge and skillsets at our disposal. We provide all traditional garden maintenance services, from cutting lawns and trimming hedges to weeding, watering and general garden tidy-ups.

All regular garden maintenance work is offered based on a fixed monthly fee.

All other work is completed on a price per job basis and will require a site visit or video call to assess workload.

Get in touch now for a free, no obligation garden visit/virtual viewing and quote!

An additional service that Beorn Wilde offer is the construction of a bespoke maintenance schedule that is tailored to you, your plants, and your garden. This begins with a site survey and analysis where I will take sample of soil and identify the plants currently in your garden ready to be put into a spreadsheet outlining necessary care. Each maintenance plan covers a 12-month period and will include all the tips and tricks you need to keep your garden and potted plants happy and healthy. Please contact us directly if this is a service you are interested in.

Mown lawn