Regenerative Gardening

My regenerative gardening service sits neatly in-between regular garden maintenance and garden design. It’s the perfect service for anyone who doesn’t require a complete design overhaul, but still seeks to inject fresh life and creativity into their gardens and green spaces. So whether you’d like to encourage more wild birds into your garden, learn about how you can create a closed loop composting system, or simply reinvigorate your beds and borders with plants that actively work well together – I can help. Together, we can intuitively design and build your space ‘on-the-go’, until it becomes your very own composting kingdom, pond paradise or wildlife sanctuary.

Regenerative Gardening Services

  • Soil management, testing, and analysis
  • Habitat creation (bird and bat boxes, bug hotels etc.)
  • Wildlife ponds
  • Irrigation and grey water collection
  • Creation/extension of beds and borders
  • Composting systems and wormeries
  • Creation of ‘No-Dig’ beds
  • Companion planting and plant guilds

Prior to undertaking any regenerative gardening project, I will always start by conducting a garden survey. Using the results from the survey, I can gain a better understanding of the existing ecosystem, any pre-existing habitats, the current state of the soil as well as any microclimates that might affect plant growth or future design choices.

Simply put, Regenerative gardening is gardening that leads to the “regeneration” of soil, ecosystems, and habitats. It is closely linked to organic gardening, rewilding and permaculture, and it draws strongly from climate science too. By gardening regeneratively, we can actively restore degraded soil biodiversity (leading to stronger, healthier plant growth), rebuild the levels or organic matter within soil (more soil = less carbon in our atmosphere), and provide habitats for a multitude of lifeforms, resulting in a more balanced and self-sustaining ecosystem that gradually requires less and less human intervention.

Ready to rebuild your ecosystem?

"If we design our gardens to be regenerative, the result will be functional, beautiful spaces full of life and vigour, robust enough to face the challenges of the future and elegant enough to beguile all those who walk among them."