Welcome to Beorn Wilde

Beorn Wilde Eco Spaces is a gardening and design company based in Derbyshire and covering the surrounding areas, including Nottingham, Sheffield, and the Peak District.

I’m a qualified horticulturalist and organic gardener specialising in the creation and maintenance of wildlife gardens. Using a blend of knowledge, skill, and practical experience, I create a fusion between my clients’ needs and desires, and the requirements of the wider environment. I consciously avoid the use of any toxic, chemical garden applications, instead taking my inspiration from the natural world and employing the use of organic, eco-friendly practices that have been scientifically proven to boost biodiversity, build soil structure and ultimately leave gardens healthier, more beautiful, and more productive than ever.

I’m professional, reliable, and very passionate about what I do. Whether I’m maintaining a garden, regenerating a garden, or designing one completely from scratch – my aim is always to create habitat-rich eco spaces that work harmoniously for both you, and your local ecosystem.

To learn more about how I can help you, please get in touch.