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Yes, I am a qualified horticulturalist and I’m registered with the Gardeners Guild.

 Yes, I’m covered by public liability insurance up to the sum of £1,000,000.

I do not take waste away with me. 

Instead, I rely on client composting systems (building/supplying them if necessary) and council green waste bins. This approach allows me to keep costs down while also reducing the amount of garden waste that goes to landfill (a whopping 40-50% in the UK). The aim of composting is to create a sustainable closed loop system where any plant matter that comes from your garden stays in your garden, along with its nutritional value.

For larger jobs or jobs where an on-site composting isn’t a possibility, I can arrange for waste to be removed professionally at an additional cost.  

For most one-off gardening tasks such as trimming hedges, pruning fruit trees or rejuvenating pots, I will happily provide a direct quote.

When I first take on any kind of weeding or border management job, I will typically work off a fixed hourly rate. This enables me to be as thorough as my high standards require and ensures that by the time I’m finished, the beds and/or borders are in a good quality state that can then simply be maintained. For any subsequent maintenance, direct quotes can be provided on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

Due to the more involved nature of regenerative gardening, I will typically work off a fixed half day or full day rate.

For all garden design work, please contact me.

Hard landscaping is not my area of expertise, so I do not offer this as a service.

To find a quality landscaper please search the Association of Professional Landscapers and British Association of Landscape Industries websites.